Lipo Voltage Checker/Alarm

Somehow I don’t like the regular voltage checker and found these ones who check 12S or 2 x 6S!
Good thing is you could wire the beeper closer to your ears or the red led to some visual place.
I ordered them and will give feedback how they work. Currently they cost 46$ for two.


I recommend for everyone who uses Lipo batteries to use some kind of lowest cell voltage alarm…


Hello zjwhitehead Zach,

since this voltage alarm has a low cell alarm outlet, can we connect it to the mainboard?
Is the software programmed to give an alarm to the throttle like beep, vibration or on the display?

The BMS, like the controller was designed to be flexible and uses a digital serial connection, RS458 to be exact.
So basic voltage alarms etc probably aren’t going to be able to use that protocol.

However, the software is pretty flexible and since its open source for the hub and the controller anyone could create a way for voltage info to be passed through the hub and displayed on the controller. That could include vibrations, beeps, etc. Even cell voltage data over time could be added to the hub blackbox logging.

Also for those wondering there really isn’t much to share with the BMS. I’ve been busy with life including trying to fly whenever the weather and my schedule line up here in Ohio.

I’m also happy to help if you have more specific questions etc @tarifachris