Lipo bag recommendations?

Got my batteries. Looking for safety bags (thinking 4x smaller bags for isolation). Anyone have recommendations? Seems like all I find online are just slightly too small.

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I keep 4 x 7s Bonkas in this single Lipo Bag:

The size is perfect, it is almost as if someone made especially to fit 4 bonkas. When charging, I then use the Safe Parallel Charging Board, which connects across the connectors on top:

Another question in general— would something like a sealed steel ammunition box work well for protecting/transporting batteries? I don’t have any experience dealing with lipos but my engineering brain tells me that it would be good for limiting atmosphere in case of a leak.

That’s what I’m using. I lined the can with drywall to create seperate compartments for each battery. The idea is that if one battery catches on fire, it will at least provide some heat insulation for the other batteries and for the external environment. I removed the rubber seal from the lid so the can is no longer air/watertight. I’ve read that if you don’t do that, or drill some vent holes, if one battery goes up the can will pressurize and burst, sending flaming lipos flying everywhere.

Nice! What size box is that one?

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It’s a “fat 50 cal” PA108 ammo can. It’s marked for 5.56, so I don’t know why it’s called a fat 50, but whatever. It holds 6 6s 10,000 mAh packs.