Lightly Used sp140 for SALE

Want a fully assembled ready to fly nearly new yet cheaper OpenPPG sp140 NOW, no wait time?

Finally got my unit in mid summer, it is all that you dreamed it is. Smoother, torquier, cleaner, quieter, simpler, than petroleum units! Compared to my old gas unit, this is better in better in nearly every way. No nasty gas so I literally store it in my extra bedroom. BUT I’ve come to accept gas or electric, I just can’t fit flying into my life right now…So I’m selling everything. (BDG Magic wing and BGD oops reserve for sell too).

Unit is in perfect shape, only got to fly her 4 times, so battery (4kw bigger (1hr) battery) only has a 4 cycles on her so it’s in perfect health as well). And can confirm, I got a 52min flight and landed with 28% batt left.

With extras,
My new helmet, E prop protectors, Openppg reserve container, and PPG stands, and wind stick, comes with it.


Located around Chattanooga, TN. Pickup only.

Feel free to ask questions!

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Is your harness a small and your reserve container a large?

Emailed you.

  • Andrew


I was wondering where did you get those E-Prop covers?

Unit is sold. I have received a deposit and we are planning pick up. Sorry

Online and dropped by my mothers house who sews to sew to longer Velcro and buckle straps on! Lol

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