Latest Frame Solidworks Files

Hi guys. Any chance someone could upload the latest frame Solidworks files as the ones listed in the Github are outdated. Stl files are outdated also.



Agreed, I’d like to see the current files also.
Given this project is open source it would be great to see the latest files released alongside each batch release.

If assistance is required to achieve this, there is a fantastic community of people (including myself) who would be more than willing to help make it happen.

Let us know how we can help


Hello, I’v been following this project for quite a while now and I’m a huge fan of awesome projects such as these to be open source and backed with a community of people who are just as enthused. I’very been looking around for STL files for the frame on every category and can only find the outdated files from two years ago. Would it be possible for someone to send me all of the STL files needed to assemble the frame? You can email me at ( Any help would be very very much appreciated! :slight_smile: