Latest CAD Files

Good day,

Does anybody have a copy of the latest CAD files for the frame?


If it helps, I have taken the GIThub *.STP files and built those into a frame in AutoCAD Inventor. Replicating the duplicate parts and applying constraints. Would this Inventor model help you?

Otherwise go to for the stp files. Although, they are two years old in there!

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the reply - but I’m happy with the Solidworks files they’re just 2 years old, I just wondered if newer files may have been available

I just bought a batch 6 x4 but im curious about using these step files to help me in the construction and just general knowledge. Im a complete idiot with tech can anyone direct me to a free program I can use to read the step files.

Just out of interest Richard, did you alter the hole alignments for the gooseneck bar mounts where they attach to the front & rear main plates?

I’ve just started to organise the parts from the STL folder roughly in blender and they are out by a little.


Hi Chris.

There are a lot of considerations and tweaks required to build the paramotor from the supplied kit. Some parts missing, some wrong, some faulty and a general lack of build information. But I do not recall any issue with mounting the gooseneck bars. My CAD model and my actual frame have the holes lining up OK.