Large 100AH battery

I know nothing at all about electric paramotors except that the battery is the weak point. 40 minutes flight time is very poor.
I am curious why no one has ever tried using a 100ah Life po4 battery powering just one motor and one prop. I assume it has been tried with no success.
Personally I am looking forward to the day when a two hour battery is available to make it worth putting the money into an electric PPG.
The question is, how far away is that day?

look at other postings and youtube.

12v 100ah is ~15kg. that’s ~100kg of batteries for 100v.
I’m hoping 5-7 years away for at least 1.5 hour of runtime slightly lighter.

That’s not what I meant. I am talking about one battery, not four.

research and you’ll understand.
weight is the issue: 10kw battery = heavy. here’s a good reference:

I’m an old guy about to take up paramotoring this winter. I’m wondering what the typical paramotoring outing is like. I envision short rides around my beautiful lake/hill country area near sunrise and sunset. I feel I don’t WANT to be up for an hour or more.
Perhaps I’m underestimating the typical (local area) flight duration.?.?

I’m 52 with some titanium parts from an early Paramotoring accident. I’ve been flying since 2008 and live in the Midwest where it can get pretty cold

I will say that as I’ve become older I’ve become a fair weather pilot. In awesome conditions I usually enjoy an hour flight before I get tired and land, most flight for me typically hit the 30/45 minute though and I’ve become more partial to the evening glass off,

I had not foot launched since my accident 10 years ago (flew trikes quads and some free flying) but the open Ppg gave me enough confidence to try foot launching again. I’ve only had my first few flights yet but I think it’s a very liberating feeling for me so far

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I get to the field and check my steamer. Blowing the right way and the right amount, all good. Walk everything out to the downwind end and setup. Chase geese off field as required. Preflight. Clip in, prelaunch. Run into the air.
Full power climb watching the clock checking out the scenery. 4-5 mins I let off and glide. Field is made time to check out the scenery. It’s magical to fly.
Maybe cruise around, maybe climb back up, maybe do a lap of the field, maybe practice my approach a few times with go arounds. I don’t do touch-n-gos my field is a bit short for it.
Land. Landing checklist. My flights are 10-12 minutes logged. I save at least a minute our so of full power for a missed approach and go around. I’m babying my batteries.
Next morning decide if I have a good chance to fly. If so charge batteries.

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There are two things needed. Power and energy. Total energy is measured in kilowatt-hours. My X4 with 4 Bonkas had just under two kilowatt-hours and I max out at 8 minutes of full power.

Power for that climb out is measured in Watts. My X4 pulls 240amps at just over 40 volts under load. That’s almost 10 kilowatts. Paramotor 2 stroke engines are around that figure.

One of those 100amp hour 12V batteries will probably not provide enough watts to get you airborne safely. The total energy is only 1.2kwh You’ll need two of them.