Kitting wing and harness questions

Hello all. I am looking to buy a dedicated kitting only wing and would love to get recommendations from other pilots. I’m looking at two Ozone products: the Roadrunner and the Seed.

I’d like to have a smaller glider that kites well in higher winds and one that a beginner can actually fly. Recommendations any one?

Recently I bought an APCO Walk and Fly harness/backpack (model Hike) for use as a kitting harness. I’ve tried it with my full size wing but encountered a couple of issues:

The first is likely just a matter of getting used to it, maybe with a tweak. The hook-in points are much lower than the borrowed harness I’ve been using. The pull from the wing is felt more at the waist than the shoulders. It’s not a dramatic difference but still a difference.

Secondly, because the hook-in points are lower, I loose a whole bunch of brake range. I’ve thought of two potential solutions; adjust the brake lines (does nothing to gain back brake range, plus I don’t want to adjust back and forth between ppg and kiting), and get some soft links to get the hook-in points higher.

Am I missing something here?

I have a BGD Seed and have kited several times with the Roadrunner. If I was brand brand new and had never kited before I would pick the Roadrunner as it is much more mellow and easier to kite. The Seed is my normal kiting wing and I have flown it before even though it is not rated for flying. The Seed is very fast and every little input that is made on it makes big movements in the wing. We didn’t lay them side x side with each other but kiting next to each other the Seed looks like it has a longer wingspan and shorter chord than the Roadrunner. In higher winds I would prefer kiting the Roadrunner as the Seed really wants to lift you off the ground. Neither of these wings are rated or recommended for flying so I would pick something else if you are looking for something flyable… Mini wing would be better option but would cost more and not something you would want to bang around like a Seed/Roadrunner.

As far as your hang points go is the borrowed harness you are using have high hook in points? I looked at the APCO harness you got and it looks similar to the Supair harness that I have. I have no issue flying it with my Parajet and then using it for kiting with no modifications. I definitely wouldn’t be switching brake toggle lines all the time… that would be a pain.

Thanks @TJC3 for sharing your experiences and insights. I pulled the trigger on the Seed earlier today. Had I waited and seen your post I may have opted to order the Roadrunner. I called around and the common feedback was that it would have to be ordered and would likely take 30+ days to get here. I was also told that both kites handled very similarly, so, rather than wait, I bought from a local dealer. Hopefully I won’t regret that decision!

Re the hang points, once again thanks for your comments. It didn’t occur to me that if needed I could simply take a wrap or two on the brake lines.

The responsive nature of the kite to inputs might be a good thing. The natural instinct for beginners is to send waaay too much input, so this may help to curb that bad habit!

You won’t be disappointed with the Seed. If I had to choose one over the other I prefer the Seed. I’ve heard people say that they handle the same but I disagree. The Seed is very zippy and the roadrunner is kind of mild.