Kiting practice wing er kite?

So I’m not sure where i should post this. I’m just looking for a bit of advice
on something. I was looking for a smaller older wing for kiting practice and I found
what I thought was a mini wing complete with harness for practicing. Great, I thought.
But it turns out that the “wing” is actually a power kite that had been rigged up with
homemade risers (sort of like a paraglider). I took it out and tried to hand kite it and noticed
it was very odd. Very c-shaped and it would collapse if I got it anywhere near 70 degrees.
It also tangles very easily and because the lines are all made up of short extension pieces, they
tend to snag each other very easily. I looked up the designer to find more info and found that
it is a Pansh power kite. I had never heard of these things before and have no clue what to do
with this thing. The ones I see on video show people flying them with very long lines as in
kite surfing. I’ve not found any that are set up like this one and am wondering if I can still use
it the way it is. From reading various kiting forums I found that this Chinese company sells low
quality kites but very cheaply. Some people are happy with them depending on what they are
doing, many are not and call them junk.
I am just wonding if anyone on here would be able to give me some ideas as to how I could
make use of this thing. If I could figure out how to keep the lines untangled I might be able to
use it with a snow board or something.
Life is full of surprises.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

kites will not give you the same feel as a paraglider, they are fun and i have a few but i would not co relate flying a kite to getting ground handling practice on a paraglider

Yes, I know that… but since I have it, I was just wondering if I could learn how to
use it somehow.

From your description I would definitely never let that kite pull you of the ground! Not even a little. It’s not a paraglider.

Right. I never intended to fly with it, even before I knew what it was. I just wanted
a small ground practice wing.
One positive out of the deal is that the harness is useful, although the carabiners
are vertical instead of perpendicular to the body, so I had to use an extra link so the
risers would fasten the way they are supposed to.
The reason I posted this was that I was hoping someone on here would be able to tell
me why the previous owner would have set the thing up they way they did. Would they
have been able to kite ski that way? If they could keep the lines untangled, I suppose it’s
possible, but there is no safety. The wing is connected direct to the harness.
My plan (if you can call it that) now is to make a set of handles for the kite and just
hand kite it. That way if the wind takes it I can just let go.
Thanks for your replies.

There could be many reasons. The homemade risers and extended lines are the most probable to me - it just gives the wing a geometry it was not intended to have.

Just an idea - there are practise wings available - wings not good enough for flying, still good for ground handling. Try shops like The price shoud be like tens or couple hundred max.

Yes, thank you. I have a used practice wing that I got cheaply off of Kijiji. It is a medium
I think. I would like something smaller that’s easier to control.
I keep checking, but they don’t have much in the way of small practice wings.
I can use the harness that came with the kite for ground practice so I am happy about
I thought I had hit the jackpot when I found the kite advertise,but oh well.
At least the harness is useful.

What I experienced from ground handling is that you learn to feel the wing and connect to it in a mental way. After many days, weeks, months and regular practice you can control the wing with your eyes closed and hands off the brakes. I do not know about kites but I just think you cannot adapt to it like a real glider.

Thanks everyone for your help. I still am not sure what I will do with it. I have
posted pictures of it on a kiteforum to see if anyone there can tell me exactly
what model it is. Also, they may be able to tell me what I would have to change
in order to have it set up properly as a kite. (not a wing)
This is really my own fault, the girl who sold it to me told me it was for
kiting, not flying. I somehow didn’t catch her meaning as I was thinking
of “kiting” a paraglider.
Anyhow, it’s something new for me.

Don’t waste your time if you are trying to get the feel for ground handling a paraglider. Use the right tool for the right job



Right you are sir.
I appreciate your wisdom.

How much training is needed and how does one get that training to
safely operate a tow winch?

If you are talented I’d say one or two afternoons with instructor.