Kiting Harness Recommendations

Hello all. I’ve been using a kiting harness that my instructor loaned me, but now it’s time to buy one. I would appreciate getting recommendations of brands/models that other pilots are using, and maybe a few pros/cons and any “if I had it to do over again I’d…” suggestions. Thx

I like this Apco hike and fly Hike and Fly Paragliding Harnesses/ Ground Handling Harness (APCO) | OpenPPG Its nice because it is reversible and can pack a wing in if needed.

Ozone also makes a version and we have that in stock to but i do like the apco one the best. Ozone Oxygen 1 Paragliding/Kiting Harness | OpenPPG

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I’ve seen people use safety harnesses for kiting. Fairly cheap and available at most hardware stores. You just have to supply beaners.

Thanks @Pdwhite. Does the APCO harness have just a single hook-in point? If so, is it high, med, or low?

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You can use your paramotor harness for kiting.

Oh, jeez, I never thought about that! I’ll give that a try. There are some obvious disadvantages, like inconvenience taking it off the frame and maybe being bulkier than a simple harness, but I’ll give it a go. Thanks everyone for the inputs.

My favorite:

I have an Apco harness that has a seat plate, if you get dragged on your butt and a
zippered pocket in the back to put your wing bag and a wind breaker. Will not fit a wing though. Very simple harness. I paid about $250 for it eight years ago. It was a little more expensive than the straps sold for kiting. I still prefer to use it for kiting rather than my Progress 3 harness I use for free flight.

Just saw the First Harness III from Apco and I believe this may be slight upgrade to what I have. Mine might be the first or second version. This is a great kiting harness!

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Thx for the responses! Ow I gotta decide!:thinking:

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a “real” harness, there are cheaper harnesses just for kiting:

Thanks for more options @grigsby. I saw those too as I was searching around.