Just for the fun of it


I had built this one on the cheap and I actually flew it. Good enough to sustain leveled flight but not enough to takeoff from the ground. It was a backpack overlapping a Split-Leg PG harness.


Looks great. Was your motor build based on the youtube build outlined by lasersaber?


No. It was just pure coincidence that I had ordered the exact same backpack frame for hunters from Amazon for 80 bucks. My motor came from Germany. I was running 4 lipos 4000mAh The machine was not powerful enough to lift from the ground. Flight: 3mn. The batteries were hot and puff-up upon landing. It was more a proof of concept than anything else. The goal was to catch ridge lift which I did with gas prototypes but not with this one. I flipped when Paul came out with his design and was sold on the spot because I knew better :wink:


Looks cool!
Cheers, Patrick