Jonas Marcinko with SP140

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Dude, your net is on the wrong side of the spars. Not only will that leave you less protection but the net is dangerously close to getting ripped apart by your prop in mid air and taking your hoop and spars with it.

I didn’t catch that while watching the video. I was just glad that someone posted a flight video. You have a good eye…or two.:wink: He was Very fortunate that his net didn’t get pulled back…so glad it was a good first flight.:+1: The next flight won’t have that problem thanks to this forum.


Thanks Bill… I was actually trying to figure out how he loaded the battery so easy from the front. I agree it was a very nice first flight!

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Should the spars be threaded through the loops of the net to prevent that, or does it need some side-to-side freedom?

@JimJ The entire net needs to be in front of the spars. The only way to prevent the net from being behind the spars is to assemble it with the net in front of the spars.

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Another video from Jonas.
He’s fixed the net… still manages to do some alarming stuff with a go-pro taped to the hoop, and hollowing foam out of his helmet to make room for a headset!

The sound quality is great though. Nice video, fly safe!!

Your net should be on the other side of the hoop or it could be sucked into the blades😱
Nice video😃