Jettisoning the packs


Two Bonka in a doubled Lipo bag arrangement. Made my own system - seams to work well. Did a few tests in my shop and the packs drop immediately. The Bonka wires disconnect instantly.

Easy handle access - the handle can also be grabbed/pulled with two hands for a faster/stronger pin ejection


Nice setup.
I said this early on when talk started about a drop system that the bats would disconnect with the weight of these these bats.
Cheers, Patrick


I upgraded the release handle. Twisted the original strap to form it into a cord and locked it inside a piece of shrink tubing before placing red electric tape markers for better visibility. I also moved the handle velcro base lower on the left shoulder. The release mechanism system works like a charm.


This is brilliant. Should be added to the standard design IMHO.

Would make me feel a lot more comfortable knowing a quick release is an option.

One thing I’m not clear on is how you structured the strap so that the pin holds it firmly in place. Wouldn’t want it to accidentally pop out during a sharp maneuver. Maybe a short video tour of your system would be easier to understand than pictures… :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi David, I will have to make a small video of the system. The pin should not come out even when running on uneven terrain with the machine bouncing a bit. The most important part was for the strap which had to run smoothly and freely out of the bottom buckle (can’t seen on the photo at the base of the frame) as the packs fall off. I am waiting for two more large lipo bags from HobbyKing and will duplicate the set up for 4 Bonka(s). I may need to use a thicker strap though and have a metal buckle instead of strong plastic though. I used a standard velcro strap that comes with most wings and routed it from the back of the frame - I placed a piece of sticky velcro (soft side) at the top of the frame and one at the bottom because of the CF sharp edges - burned two holes in the strap at the right locations and installed two grommets for the pin. I had an old SUPAIR reserve parachute handle, shortened it and stitched a loop at then end. I twisted the reserve parachute handle strap a few times and locked it inside a piece of shrink tubing to consolidate everything Before adding a few pieces of red electric tape on it for the visual. I then inserted a key chain ring through the pin and the handle loop. I took a piece of 2" wide sticky velcro and pressed it down on the left shoulder strap (the first time it was too high) and relocated it lower to make it easier to grab with one hand or two. My handle already had velcro on it so it worked perfectly. The pin is pretty easy to pull out and even better with two hands.


Thanks for the description! Looking forward to the video when you get a chance to make it!