It happened today!

Lost a prop, nut and washer during mid flight x4. Any leads where can I get a new one?? OpenPPG shop on back order. Any input appreciated.

How? Torqued badly? Caught something? Broken stud? Any other damage?
And how did you fair with a prop gone? Land out? “Limp” home on three? Did you notice even until you landed?

Do tell.
We need to know the whole story. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Guilty of not doing the pre flight check to make sure that the nuts were torqued, didn’t caught anything, no damage, netting is perfect.
I felt a loss of power while flying at around 500ft and noticed a very high pitched motor whining, show climb thought it could be just the wind as it was windy at the time of the flight…just kept flying until the batteries low. I landed and looked for any physical damage from prop strike but none… The ■■■■ bottom right CW prop just fell culprit loose nut and the operator “Me :mask:” was in rush to get in the air. I always put a wrench to the prop nuts but this flight i forgot and didn’t think it be any issues.
Video will be uploaded soon. So guys if any of you can let me know the nut specs and any info for the prop link would be appreciated.

You’ll find washer and nut at your local hardware store.

Wooden replacement props can be found on Aliexpress - I purchased some from there myself a while ago, I think I even posted about it in here.

I also made a thread about repairing a wooden prop.

Just use the search function :slight_smile:

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Aliexpress has a good selection of CC/CCW props. I’ve ordered from the following store a bunch. If they don’t have size / pitch listed email them they likely have it. However expect it to take 2-3 months to arrive.

I have a 5-10 adapters with nuts I would sell and one pair of new Gem fan props from Paul I might be open to sell. PM me if interested.

Look for a: M10 x 1.25mm Nylon Insert Hex Lock Nut

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It was M10x1.25 the correct fit. Not sure if you miss typed. But it’s all good now. Thanks :+1:

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