Is ship date still accurate? + Next frame version changes

Considering selling my ICE and purchasing SP140 batch 2. For timing of some plans, I’m wondering if October 25th is still an accurate estimated ship date. Perusing the forum yields posts mentioning SP140 batch 2 being projected for as early as July.



I got a “preorder” in for SP140 batch #2 like a day or two after batch #1 closed (and even booked a trip down to Salton Sea for early October based on the July ship date), but I have not heard anything as to how the second batch is coming along.

It would be nice to get an update, even if the news isn’t good.

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Looks like the ship date moved to November 10th for Batch #2, with a now-announced batch #3 coming a lot later.

I do wonder what the changes are between the V1.0 and the V1.1 in Batch #3, anyone know of any posts about it?

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The main changes for the V1.1 frame are below (the green pieces are the new parts that are being added in)

  1. The plate on the side is for extra support I’ve noticed a few people put a slight bend in their frame if they do a hard butt landing. So the plate is to move the point at where it would bend farther down and that makes it about 40% more stronger.

  2. The main center frame now breaks down into top and bottom sections. It is slotted in with ABS connectors. Because the frame is straight in that sections longer abs connectors can be used (unlike the outside cage ring which has a curve) so the center frame can still remain very stiff like V1.0 Sp140 frame.

This allows for easier transport not just for the user but also lowers the shipping cost to the end user (especially for international shipments). Also in the case of the frame getting damaged in operation just the section that needs replaced can be ordered, saving cost.

Shipping cost are insane right now and I don’t expect it to come down anytime soon. So this V1.1 frame address a few things with this update. Also its still cross compatible with V1.0 frames so replacement parts can be easily swapped if needed.

As for an update most of the remaining parts will be in at the end of the month. Right now Dudek harnesses are still the last thing expected to be in. We are expecting the first 25 harnesses to be in from Dudek at the beginning of the month and then every 1.5-2 weeks we will be getting another 25 harnesses until they send all that are on order. So for you if you are towards the beginning of batch 2 order list you should be getting shipped out when the first 25pc are in.


Thank you for the quick and in-depth response. Hopefully I’m as far forward in the preorder queue for Batch 2 as I think, I’m excited to get an electric paramotor for the winter so I don’t have to worry about when I last grabbed gas or if it will start, instead just get to see good weather and head out to the field for a nice cold flight.

The split frame in the V1.1 seems pretty great, hopefully in a year or two I could pick up an upgrade kit and make my batch 2 order super portable. (Batch 2 are still V1.0, right?)

Yes batch 2 are V1.0, but if you want to swap the frame to V1.1 later you can.

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Any way you can shoot me an email with my position in the batch#2 order list?


If my order is the split leg APCO, does that move it along in the queue?

Ya you would ship as soon a unit is ready.

Sure pm me your order number and full name

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Hi everyone!

I am a batch 2 SP140 backer, but didn’t know about this forum until today! I was getting worried about my order being lost in the mail, but it looks like the units have not shipped yet?

Are there any updated announcements? I see the last post in this thread is from around a month ago. How can a backer find their place in line and estimated ship date?

This is the largest product purchase I have ever made in my life ~ $12,000 CAD and I am perhaps just getting overly worried, but I would love some more regular and formal comms from the builder!

Hi and welcome!
When your order ships you’ll get an email with tracking information. Orders are still going out so if you havent received anything then yours probably is still getting put together.
Feel free to email info@ with your order number to get a more accurate update