Intermittent power loss and throttle USB not recognized

I’ve recently started experiencing intermittent power cutoffs while on throttle. I thought the problem was limited to sport mode but my last test flight in chill mode the motor cut out a couple of times as well. Thinking it may be time to upgrade the firmware I’ve attempted to connect the throttle to two different Windows 11 PCs running the latest Chrome versions but neither machine was able to recognize the the controller. The throttle powers up with the battery error screen as in the tutorial video, but the USB is not recognized as a device. Anyone have similar experience or any tips what to try next?

On 5.5 I think it was… I had my controller cut out on take off and again that same flight mid air. But then I updated and haven’t had an issue.

What firmware version is your throttle running?

If your computer isn’t recognizing the throttle, you are most likely using a charge-only usb cable. Once you are able to get the firmware updated, let us know if that solves it.

Hello glydrfreak, thank you for the suggestion. I tested a few micro USB data cables with my 360 camera and eventually found one that also recognized my throttle as a device. I don’t know what is special about the cable that works but I’m going to mark it and keep it with my OpenPPG maintenance kit : )

Once connected I was able to easily upgrade the firmware from v5.3 to v5.6. 38 hours of armed time so far! Hopefully the update will resolve the power cutoff issue I’ve recently been experiencing.

I flew with the updated v5.6 firmware. I LOVE IT! It’s like I’ve received a new throttle and a tune-up at the same time! The recent power loss issue is resolved, but also the entire power band is now much smoother, even at full-throttle in sport mode. Much more like a 2-stroke. Great update!