Interference in solidworks model

I’m extrating DXF template in order to cut my first batch
but I’ve seen an error in SW design

the body goozeneck bar attachment looks to have a hole not concentric with main top plate and looks to have a collision with the top main plate

Hi, i just checked the STEP files and they match OK . I do not know about the solidworks, as i cannot open them… solid I’m also working on parts but i fabricate the hinges now…

ok thank’s
can you please told me the good distance between the both holes and the distance between sides of opening for goosnec attachement I will coirrect the swolidworks files accordingly and make a pull request
I’m also working on metal parts to be printable with fdm

I’ve been forced to reassemble (re-mate) all componnents but I found another strange thing in sw model looks that one of arms ave a larger hinge fixation holes than other in front main plate
51 mm between 2 front hole

instead of 45 mm in all other arms front or back plate

main plate.pdf (85.3 KB)