I Have A First Batch Unopened SP140, Any Issues I Should Look Out For When Setting It Up After Years in Storage? Possible Battery Concerns?

Hey everyone,

Long story, but I have an unopened, original batch SP140 that’s been sitting in storage for several years, and I would like to set it up. Since it’s been stored away for quite some time, I’m reaching out for advice on any particular precautions I should take before powering it up. My main concern is the battery’s condition after years of storage. What would be the recommended steps to ensure it’s still safe and functional? Additionally, are there any tips or known issues with the initial batch that I should be aware of, to preempt any potential problems? I would appreciate any insights from the community to help me ensure it is fully functional, and safe to fly! Thanks!

The original firmware had jerky throttle operation and you may want to updte it to at least V 5.4 firmware.

If you go to the newest firmware your ESC will also need updated, anything after 5.4 doesnt play nice with the telemetry of the older ESC firmware.

You could also do nothing about the firmware and just see if the jerky throttle operation bothers you or not.

The battery is a good question.

I would measure the voltage of the battery before using it. You could check with a Multimeter or plug it into the ESC and see what readout you get. Hopefully it was shipped and stored at 85V or thereabouts. If its lower than 70V you may have an issue, if it 95v or greater it may have experienced some loss of capacity from being stored at high charge for years. Nothing you can do about it now either way…

Was the unit stored in a climate controled area or subject to lots of temperature variation?

Or plug it into the charger. That will tell the voltage too. Then leave it plugged in until it’s fully charged and go fly it! Definitely don’t leave it fully charged for long periods.