How to protect carbon fiber arms from gooseneck bars?

Hello everybody, I was curious if anybody has come up with a way to protect the carbon fiber arms that support the motors and hoop from getting banged up by the goose neck bars when the bars sag down and contact the frame arms? Cheers

I added some thick, self adhering, velcro around the carbon fiber arms. This provides a cushion to protect the arms.

Not sure this is the best solution but has worked to date.


yeah, glad that you brought it up, I definitely want to add some sort of protection as well.
I am thinking about an edge protection similar to this, which is made out of rubber and reinforced with metal:

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Yeah, I wound up using some of this stuff from Canadian Tire:

Very similar profile to the FKS-Profil above. It’s sticky on the inside. Designed to protect car door edges.

I used that system last season and it worked well so far :wink:

I glued some liquide rubber between it. Works perfect.

The carbon has really sharp edges which I rounded over with sandpaper. I did this mainly to protect the netting from damage but a rounded edge won’t get damaged as easy by the gooseneck bar.

After well over 100 flights here is a picture of the very, very, very small amount of damage on the arm from the gooseneck bar.

The only way to even see that tiny mark is to lift the bar up out of the way which is what I did for the picture. If this is concerning to you then you could sand it smooth every 100 flights but it’s never been a concern to me since it’s so small.


Going to try some of this. Also along the bottom edges of the legs.

Sorry, I dont see what this is all is about. Taking care of your equipment is one thing - but not expecting to get some scratches here and there is another – or is there more to this I dont see or understand. Is there a fear of some ware and tear that will cause a catastrophic failure!

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The lightest, most cost effective solution by far. :smiley:

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