How to change chill mode

I can’t figure out how to get it out of chill mode I’m about to try to launch for my first time and I would like all the power available for the strike lunch anybody know how to get it out of chill mode

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hold the button down (the one to disarm/arm) then plug the battery in.


In addition to what @tatawaki said you can plug into your computer or Android phone via USB and use the site to change the settings

Also, as of ver. 5.7 from November 2022, you can switch between chill and sport mode while flying, by holding the top button for 2.5 sec. with no throttle applied. BTW, if you do the same while the throttle is applied, it activates/deactivates the cruise mode that sustains the current throttle value (I just updated mine and found these values in the code on github, @zjwhitehead please correct me if I got it wrong)