How loud is this thing?

Compared to say a scout carbon, how would this compare? Given that there’s 4 motors instead of the one, I’d imagine it’d be bit louder than traditional gas powered ones, however they are electric so I’m really sure.

on the scout, you have the Moster 185 producing all the noise, plus a little bit of noise from the propeller

On the OpenPPG, there’s very very little noise coming from the electric motors itself, whereas most of the noise is coming from the air being moved by the four (smaller) propellers.

There’s a nice video from Rob ( @SimLoop ) which gives a nice comparison between the OpenPPG and three 2-stroke PPGs:

It would be cool to do a side by side test with a dB meter. You can download dB meter app on your phone for free. If no one does this by the time I get my unit I’ll do it and post the results

It’s not just the volume in dB but the pitch as well. They just plain sound different so regardless of dB the opinions vary as to which ones sound more annoying. The small fast props make a higher pitch sound while the larger propellers and gas motors make a lower pitch sound.

I flew with a friend who has a gas motor and we asked someone watching which one was louder and his response was that they sound different.

That’s true, but it would be good to have the numbers in case there are places that have specific sounds level restrictions

I’ve been around a lot of gas paramotors. I perceived the openPPG to be higher pitched and a little more crackly. It wasn’t unpleasant, rightfully sounded like a large DJI inspire. I wouldn’t classify as louder than 2S.
OpenPPG shines at “idle” :wink: