How do you grab the As?


I am having problems grabbing the A Lines with this Throttle. Can someone share a picture on how you grab the A lines and the throttle?


can’t take a picture right now. it’s dark and openPPG and my glider are not near…

but I do it the same way as with my combustion engine:

First comes the throttle, as far into the hand/palm as possible.
next comes the brake, also into the hand/palm.

how I hold the A’s is depending whether I forward or reverse launch, but either way with my fingers/hands as well…

I remember that there’s another thread that shows a picture.

There is no best way because it depends on the type of throttle you have. The basic arrangement is always: palm/riser/toggle/throttle. Some throttles are a lot thicker than others. It will also depends on the size of your hands, length of your fingers, as well as if using thick gloves, light gloves, no gloves… I will suggest you practice on the ground engine off, and do a lot of forward inflation. It is all about timing from lunging forward, raising your arms in a curving motion, opening your hands at the right moment to let go the “A(s)”, bring your torso at the correct angle before looking up and powering your machine. Minute 4:36 Even if the throttle is not the same as yours in this video, the sequence should be the same Electric PPG Project - YouTube
I hope that helped a bit. If you have any other questions, just ask. Phil:)


I was used to the bycicle throttle and hold As with my thumb. But now on the openppg I have to use my thumb for the throttle. So I havent found a good way to hold the As

Whatever feels the most comfortable to you and as long as it works safely then you are good to go:)