How do I repair netting?

What’s the recommended way to fix a break in the netting?

Just the one so far. Hoping this isn’t an indication of more.

The edges of the carbon are quite abrasive and not very friendly to the net. There are lots of videos on YouTube about repairing nets and how to tie net knots. It works best if you can find close to the same twine for the repairs.

I knitted my own replacement net with Dyneema line and it holds up well. The SP 140 uses Dyneema as well. Not sure if the knot spacing is the same but I wonder if that could be used as a replacement/upgrade for the X4

I guess that particular knot was catching the edge of the carbon and collecting extra wear. It broke in flight and I flew I again like that today. Thinking I’ll keep am eye on things, more so than normally, and repair it when the flying weather abates.