Homemade cheap ppg

Hey guys, there is a video of my homemade paramotor, CAD-files and Arduino code under https://grabcad.com/library/ppg-2
The Video how it works is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lo38WtriIUM&t=6s
The Video of the first tests at

What do you think?



Awesome! Nova Wing, beautiful mountains … looks a lot like Austria … where are you located?


Looks good, reasonably light, and of sufficient power. But how many batteries, how much additional weight, and how long will it keep you flying?

How much thrust does it generate?

Hey, it is an old triton :wink:
South Tyrol - Italy

it has about 32Kg thrust, and 48V x 22000mAh… it is not that much, so i will add two adittional smaller props and another battery pack :slight_smile:

In your view what is the advantage of two smaller motors compared to one?

Hi Bob, i would say the absence of torque :wink:

Very true. I have just been concerned about what would happen if a motor failed on a full throttle climb. I would think that you would get all twisted up and left with no option other than a reserve, but I could be totally wrong.

There are a few examples here in the forum of motor failure in flight and most never even noticed the failure. Twisting is not likely an issue.

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deleted that does not match openppg.

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In https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMLRy8dfzRs&ab_channel=SCOUTparamotor he talks about how his test ring isn’t a paramotor, or even safe, because it doesn’t have the fins a scout uses for torque correction. In the comments, he makes it clear that there are other fine ways to correct for it, but that the correction really is important.