High power ESC challenges

here information about the Hacker company. i have been flying hacker motors since 2016. esc and motor in trike since 2018. hacker also offers systems that work with 2 esc. the motor from the 200 and 240 series has 6 phase cables. there it means 2 winding circles in parallel. ( rotex motors and geiger motors have the same option ) these can be controlled with one esc or with 2 esc. S-Moto works together with hacker and now also offers UN-38.3 certified flight batteries. 14 S (52 V)

geiger has been the father of e-ppg worldwide since 2006. i have had a lot of contacts with users of the products since 2010.

the specialty is that geiger has a system that communicates internally with all parts. the esc knows how often the battery has been charged and how good its health is. as an an example. Geiger also equipped large aircraft. i was at a big meeting in 2017. a flying wing swift was towed here with e-trike. with more performance than comparable rotax systems.



another company where i see very good potential in the future. I can’t post any long-term experience here.

Hello,new motor bench tester almost ready

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Hello, www.onemotor.ltd 15Kw continue 3.8Kg still in progress …
in the mean time take a look on the motor 3D