Hemp Power for the win!?


So I don’t know how many of you are following nano technology. But hemp is the new graphene. If you haven’t, here’s the brief. Hemp Battery Project . Hemp is 2-3 times the energy density. I was thinking that it would be really cool to start making these hemp batteries. Yes, I know it sounds like I maybe a pot head. But there’s actually a big different between industrial hemp and pot! I believe that I can get 1-10 acres of hemp this year hopefully and was wondering if anyone else would be interested in experimenting with this kind of battery with me?

My end goal would be to produce something that allows the new electric paramotor to have ‘amazing’ range. So that we could do the icarus race Website with no problem. The only landing time would be to to visit ‘the John’ :wink:


The wesbite you linked, FWG, seemed very interesting. The idea of a lighter, more reliable, more energy dense battery made of environmentally safe materials seems almost too good to be true! This would really change the world in wonderful ways, and would certainly impact geopolitics by reducing the world’s dependence on China’s lithium mines and reducing highly toxic pollution. But there’s a few things I’m curious about:

Where are the published papers on their findings? Surely engineers disrupting a multi billion dollar industry have heard of IEEE or maybe even Nature. Where can I read the detailed spec sheets and test procedures?

Who has independently confirmed these batteries? I have friends getting their PhD in energy storage who would love to improve upon a new, simple storage method like this for an easy, quick graduation instead of the agonizing research they’ve been doing for years.

Most importantly for us; where can we buy them? Nobody in this community is going to make their own batteries and fly with them. Not only is there no battery we can buy, but there’s not been rigorous testing of even the battery chemistry itself. In a way we’re trusting our lives with our equipment. Once 10,000 of these have been tested and have met their advertised spec, then we might be interested.

I really hope these guys are legitimate. I hope one day I these batteries change the world. But in my brief search I found no evidence beyond a few paragraphs and hours of video I don’t have time to watch. They seem to be spending a lot of time making YouTube videos rather than doing real research, and YouTube videos alone dont make the grade as scientific evidence. Only time will tell, and I hope you follow these guys for the next several years. There’s a reason I hold these guys to a high standard and that’s because I was once fooled by too good to be true videos on YouTube that never resulted in anything.


I’ve been following this guy for a few years. Several of his videos I’ve tried different aspects of. I found out about the pauling scale of Electronegativity from this dude when they were playing around with different chemicals for small graphene cells. They do have a ton of videos. It’s not to bad if you follow them over they years but if you are brand new to their channel it’s a lot to take in. I contacted them last year and found out that they don’t have any products to sell directly. Instead they work with manufacturing partners and they supply ‘the science’ of it all as a license deal.

As far as hemp tech goes here’s so other research:

A little on Robert Murry Smith:


The claims made in the original link are not supported by evidence. This discussion is irrelevant to this forum. I wish you the best in your studies though and hope you stay skeptical until you have a battery in hand that meets the advertised spec.