Help with new HUB

I had to purchase and install a new HUB after the original went out. After the install, the situation was not resolved. I noticed that neither of the HUB’s LEDs were lighting (the green flashing nor the red constant). Has anyone had to fix this before? Or, do you think I received a bad replacement HUB?

I am using two 7 cell Bonkas. The voltage coming out of the DC/DC converter to the HUB is 5 volts.

Do you have pics of your setup?
Is the controller coming on?

The controller is coming on. It even shows how long it has been armed. It vibrates upon the double click and, it disarms as well. But, the ESCs “beep” the same weather the controller is armed or disarmed.

I will try to upload pics. But, the last time I tried to upload a video, it was too big to post.

If you’d like, you can upload an unlisted YouTube video and paste the link here.

There could be a couple things going on that I can think of. I’m not as familiar with the hub though because I’ve only dealt with batch 2 before the hub was introduced. But I have the new hub schematic in front of me right now. It could be one of the following:

a) there is a disconnect on any of the lines between the throttle and the hub. For example, it could be a disconnect on one of the communication lines inside your throttle, possibly on the connector inside the throttle.

b) there is a disconnect between the hub’s PWM or GND and the ESCs. This would be less likely because it would mean all four ESC’s have a disconnect. Or it means you plugged all the ESCs into the hub backwards. Don’t go flipping them around just yet though, because that may damage your ESCs.

Are you able to open up your throttle and inspect the connector to make sure none of the pads have lifted?

Thanks for the response. All of the ESCs are plugged in with the White Line on top. The throttle has been replaced so, it’s probably going to be OK. But, I will open it to make sure.

Here is the photo of my setup. Everything is Open PPG stock except the DC/DC converter. That was upgraded for more precise output. The LED readout shows within 100th of a volt.

Here are some more photos:
The 1st shows that the voltage going into the HUB is 4.98 volts ( I believe 5.0 is optimum so, I got close without going over)
The 2nd shows that the throttle indicates “Armed”. But, the ESCs are still beeping.
The third picture shows that though 4.98 volts are coming in, no lights on the HUB are illuminating.

I finally figured out how to post a photo on this site. I was looking for an attachment icon. Stupid me.