“Hard Stop” Causes

Hi all,

New member here with a SP140 in the mail. I was hoping to start a thread regarding hard stops so we can learn their causes, preventions and commonality. I’m not sure if it’s possible to start a spreadsheet so we can record them over time. If anyone knows how to do this in the forum, please chime in.

-How many “hard stops” have you had? How many total flights? (Example 1/50 or 2/80, etc.)

Of the “hard stops” you have had, what was the cause? (Low SOC, wire connection, software issue, etc.)

Can you overheat your motor, ESC or battery if you were to go full throttle for say 10-15 minutes straight? Could this cause a hard stop? (Assuming you did not drain the battery in the process.)

Do you generally have more confidence in your motor when flying, or do you still fly as if you could have a hard stop/ motor out at any time?

With the 4KW battery, if you were at 95-100% SOC and went full throttle until 10-15% SOC, how long do you think it would run?

At what voltage/SOC do you avoid going below?

Appreciate your input.

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Had an issue today.
Unit is new, made 7 flights in chill mode. All of the sudden, in the air, the motor started to stutter. Felt like it was a disconnection somewhere. Like one of the phases lost or perhaps a throttle signal malfunction. This could happen during mid thr or full thr for a very brief moment before continuing as normal. Upon landing all wires were ok. Will open throttle controller and have a look later.
@zjwhitehead Ever seen this before?

There has already been a bit of discussion on this topic and the most likely failure mode. See BMS hard cuts - suggestion.