HangsFromSky batch 3 build log


My notes, observations, musing and ponderings on my batch3 build.


Noob mistake number one: sanded down the short tubing connectors till they just fit through the holes in the legs. Then after loctiting the lower structure together, realizing the metal tubing has to fit over it. Nothing a file can’t fix, but a bit awkward with tubing connectors already in the carbon fiber legs and not wanting to take them apart.

The wires to the motors from the ESCs were probably an inch longer than I would really like them, but I left them as were and just crimped butt connectors and then soldered and heat shrinked.

The ESCs have a strong odor, like burnt electronics, but have not been powered yet. Couldn’t keep them in the house after assembly.

Looking at other build logs, looks like the creative bit will still be ahead: how to attach the batteries.

Looking at some of the more recent two switch wiring setups: why the separate terminal post 4-way junctions instead of just having three lugs on the post of the switch?

I see some have cut off the unused wires of the ESCs. Is this still recommended?

Thinking ahead to order 3d parts: leg hinge stops, precharge switch, maybe a box for the BEC.


what’s the “BEC” ?


Sorry, I was referring to the “frame board/controller” as a BEC.


What are the 8 M4x12 screws for?
Should I end up with a lot of left over standoffs when I am done?
Which screws are used to attach the two switches to the power switch plates? I am guessing the 12 M3 nuts, but only need 8 and the M3 screws are not long enough.