Hangpoints Straps

Does anyone have a source for these hangpoint straps? My Evo Supair harness straps do not fit the OpenPPG gooseneck bar (they are too short).


Any leads are appreciated.

The straps I use are just dudek straps (the ones in the picture). Just call up your locally dudek dealer and they should have some for you.

Could you include them in the kit?

FYI: Kris Harrington from SkySportsUSA was very helpful in providing these straps. He has added them in his “accessories” tab. $15 / pair. Hope to get them in a few days.


Just to clarify, If I buy a Dudek Power Seat Comfort, Low Hangpoints, then these straps are part of the Harness, is that correct ?

Sorry etienne… I can not answer being that I do not own a Dudek harness. Perhaps others can chime in. At any rate, we have an alternate source for these straps… I’ll learn more on Tuesday when they get to me and I can verify their quality.

My dudek powerseat came with them, yes.

Dave- This may seem like a really rookie question, but can you post some info (photo’s / video) of how your powerseat mounted to the frame. Just want to make sure I get it right. Thanks.

What kind of SUPAIR carabiners did you get with your Evo PPG harness? Black with a narrow 30mm base or Red for the 45mm models? http://www.supair.com/en/quincaillerie-en/# Post a photo if you can.

The SupAir EVO harness came with the Black with narrow 30mm base carabinersSupAir%20EVO%20Carabiners

I am actually working with the factory on a new safety strap arrangement for that harness and will need a little bit of time before I can give you specifics. For now you can use the standard Dudek loop Paul is using I guess it is as good as any other. Note that once a harness is modified it is no longer certified. The owner must be aware of that if he wants to make modifications to it. The SUPAIR safety strap system is too short and makes it difficult to reach the carabiner. I am working on a different system on mine. I will address the issue later. It is a comfortable harness I have to say.


Thanks for feedback. I received a pair of the Dudek straps PDWhite recommended They will work just fine!

I do not plan to modify EVO Supair harness at all (I will simply stow away the redundant straps). I need to leave option open to usethis harness in my gas unit.

I agree, the EVO Supair harness is indeed comfortable!

Great! Have a good day Victor.

Could you show them once installed? Curious. Would like to see the low and high connection points from both sides of the SwanNeck arm if possible. Thanks.

I can’t seem to get hold of the hangpoint straps here in the uk. I have tried the link mentioned in the thread but no joy. Someone I selling some straps on Ebay but they are various lengths. Could someone tell me how long and thick these straps are? The link to the ones on Ebay is

You could try Petzel as an alternative. They have 3 sizes for the slings - the red/black Dudek safety strap next to a Petzel sling - I sue them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9od1UyrooIU

Petzel link: https://www.petzl.com/US/en/Sport/Carabiners-and-quickdraws/EXPRESS

Good luck!

Great! Thank you Voltair I will check them out!

I was trying to sort this out last night too and ended up ordering these

I’ve ordered the 15cm and 30cm versions to see which will work best and will let people know how it looks when they arrive next week.

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Are these the ones?

I received my Dudek Power Seat yesterday, and since I don’t have the openppg kit yet, I am going to use it on my 2stroke ppg first, and start to get the hang of it :slight_smile:

the advantage with this dudek harness is not only that it seems to be more comfortable, but that it also has the reserve container underneath the seat.
With the original “simplify” harness it was positioned behind my head (see red circle in photo), which did not allow me to look up to the wing during launch. My head would tilt up, and the reserve would push my helmet over my eyes :slight_smile:
Maybe tomorrow I’ll go flying with it for the first time

Yup, those are the ones. They are tight in the holes of goose neck arms, but they will fit if you fiddle with them