Graphite Batteries

Does anyone on the forum know enough about lithium graphite batteries to make an assessment about their use in ePPG ?
From what I’ve learned recently is the power potential and lighter weight would seem to be the best thing since “sliced bread “ for ePPG.
But I will say I don’t know enough about batteries in general because most everyone that produces an ePPG doesn’t use a common lithium ion battery but LiPo’s which I wouldn’t be comfortable strapping on my back along with hassle of preparing and storing.
If the potential to double flight time is possible I would absolutely buy the batch 6 or newer unit in a blink.
A 20-30 min flight (allowing for a safe cushion) as is the normal now, doesn’t excite me .

They have nearly an identical gravimetric energy density and C rating to LiPo because it is a LiPo just with a graphite/graphene sheet added to the anode and cathode. The only real advantage is that they tend to last longer and be a little bit safer than regular LiPos as the graphene layers slow the formation of dendrites.

Most don´t use Li-ion just because it costs more. I believe if the cost to produce a li-ion pack and equivalent LiPos was the same, everyone would use Li-ion because of improved safety, lifespan, flexibility, and energy density.

you have to differentiate when you look at the whole world. eppg systems in europe = for many years only li-ion. (with the exception of a few diy projects which are mostly unsuccessful in the basement.) a few open ppg in the usa fly with lipo. most of the people who fly with eppg single prop in the usa have also been flying with li-ion for years. lipo = expensive because of its very short duration of use, few cycles and little power density. li-ion = very good price / performance ratio and long life with the highest power density currently.

Hi Bratwurst.
Do you fly with Li-ion? if so where can you get them?
I assumed most X4 owners use bonka LiPO??

ready-made li-ion packs have been available from series eppg for around 10 years. and the possibility to build the li-ion packs yourself. examples from x4 users are described in detail here in this forum. i have been building my own batteries from li-ion cells for many years. in other areas, too, most of their batteries build their own from li-ion cells. For e-foil, e-bike, e-motocross, e race karts, etc. or if you don’t do it yourself, buy a ready-made plug-and-play system.