Glamis Dunes/Salton Sea OpenPPG X4 22

I finally had some time to edit the video from the CA trip we took to go flying. We went down about a week or so before the Salton Sea paramotor event (didn’t know about it). We had great weather from what i have heard it is normal. It’s really fun maybe we can plan another trip out next year… it was that much fun.


Beautiful! Great place to fly proximity like that.

That’s a really awesome edit! Love the angles from the glider to the bike and the bike back to the glider as well as the chase cam! Looks fun!

To hijack this (sorry @Pdwhite :stuck_out_tongue:) here’s another few shots of me flying in the same location with Paul

We rented an RV which allowed us to have 24/7 access to this great flying spot! I highly recommend going that route if you want to make the most of your trip.


Very nice – looks like you were just fly 2 bats all the time – how much hang time were you getting on average?

Nope, always flying with 4 batteries.
I was practicing takeoffs and landings a lot so didnt get a good look at the time. I usually fly around 20 mins as to not put batteries through much stress.
Also charging up the batteries worked great with the RV generator!

With 4 bats should not be that much stress!
So, take off, do circuit and land? How many times in 20 mins would you do this? I’m thinking 4 at 5min a piece doing a short circuit.
Just trying to get a feel for how many I could do with 8 bats(4 at a time), assuming I get same performance with my bats.

If you don’t mind my curiosity, which generator/charger are you using in your RV?

We actually rented the RV through RVshare and it was built in to the motorhome so not sure. We had no trouble just using our normal home chargers with the A/C outlets