Fusion360 Latest files

Hi guys,
Glad to be there within a growing community for a Great project.
I saw the author of the project using fusion 360 in his videos.
The software is great and easy to use, moreover you can launch simulation if you want to test constraints on frame.

Not sure if I’m right but the whole assembly for the frame in solid work filetype is dated of 2 year ago.

Maybe it could be simpler to post a link, in git’s project homepage or in the wiki, like below to get the latest batch of a pPG model ?

Sharing project in fusion360

I used search functionality but wasn’t able to get a hand on that. But many others are requesting something similar.

Best regards and congratulations again for this awesome project !

Can’t understand why the basis of Open world isn’t here.
If you tag the project as open so I would be able to find a open license file somewhere…
I don’t have any anger toward buying premade pPG or pPG kits as it’s spreading the sport to many people but please make the latest development available to people.
Besides, it makes the design more solid and prone to evolutions.

Seems strange also that similar requests get no answers…

Just saying…