Full SP140 for Sale, Never Opened Box

Hi, I purchased this with full intentions of flying but injured my knee in a way that makes it impossible. Never opened the box. It’s currently located in Jacksonville, FL. Make me an offer over $5K

(617) 380 8745

From the Invoice:
SP140 Electric Paramotor V1.1 (Batch 3) $7,360.35
SP140 Outside Hoop with Netting Core: $4,395
Hoop Cage and Netting - Sp140 $229
Prop: Sp140 E-prop Tri-blade 140cm $375.25
SP140 Battery - 4kwh (1hr) $1,740
Charger: SP140 Battery Charger 110v (US) $136
Harness: Dudek Paramotor Harness- Power Seat Comfort Low - L/XL
Total: $7,701.69

I might take it if you can ship.

On person to person sales, is there a warranty (I can’t even find one on the website, if a warranty of any sort exists) that transfers with the sale?

I had an ESC that didn’t work after a crash that totalled the 3 blade prop, cage and netting. Apparently prop strikes can cause an overcurrent or spike that might damage ESC. They replaced it for me. The other damage was on me, obviously pilot error. I haven’t seen any warranty though.

Sold, thanks for bidding!

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