Full reflex leisurely flight

Watch full screen if you can https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4RNneP5fG0


Sweet. Nice flying site. Nice trolley for carting your kit to the beach.

I have to work on the tires because they were cheap Chinese made and they ovalized - the cart is wobbling all over the place.They worked ok. at the beginning. I do not know if the Sun heated the balloon tires to an abnormal expansion but they are Egg shaped now;-)

I tried a new version of the beach cart - works pretty well and I can use it as a stand to assemble the PPG which is very helpful because putting the machine together on rolling/unstable sand is a pain. The cart also prevents the PPG from actually touching the beach and lessens the chance of getting sand grains where they should not be any.

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Very cool!
I bet if you were to put the pics together in a time-lapse video it would look a lot like a transformer! :smiley: