Fresh Breeze X-One Electric Trike

Hey All,
I just saw a video said Coming Soon…
Fresh Breeze X-One with an electric Hacker Motor.
It was on a Fresh Breeze facebook group.
I don’t know how to link to the vid.

Hacker QSL-T240
25 kW
148 Ah Li-Ion Akku battery

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the battery is made up of single 4 packs , each 37 Ah with 14 S / 12 P Sony VTC 6 cells. The packs are manufactured by SMOTO. A partner company in the Hacker Motor GmbH group.


if someone would like to know data about the hacker 240 i can provide information. I’ve been flying it in my trike since 2018. from 2018 to the end of 2020 with the Hacket HST 450 ESC. Today I finished the conversion to the MGM HBC 50063 -3T ESC.i would like to compare logs of the different systems.

I fly the system with foot throttle and cruise trottle. I can switch during the flight. alternatively i can also fly with hand throttle. the hand throttle is in a holder under the seat. there the foot gas pulls when I connect it. the cruise trottle has its own digital pwm module. I fly the trike with 15 S li-ion packs totaling 225 Ah. I hope that fresh breeze will soon start a series production. it would be good if a big player in the ppg area started with trikes. the cage ring is currently new on my trike. in the picture you can see the old aero ring made of aluminum. I built one out of pure cfk. with a low-resistance, thin naca profile on the ring and the struts.

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Is there any reliable source of info on the Fresh Breeze X-One Electric Trike outside of the Facebook universe (for those who avoid it for good reasons)?

One would naturally check the manufactures website of the trike at but there is no trace of info there.

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As soon as a sale begins there will also be information on the classic website. I only guess, but in the summer of 2021 it would be realistic. I like to post more as soon as there are more meetings in the eppg area. Bavaria is currently very difficult to visit. fresh breeze does it very well and shows videos on facebook. this is how it comes to the people. i think the paramotormagazin will also do a report and test flights with it, like in 2019 with my trike. some pictures here with some other interesiting fun e vehicles:

So the Fresh Breeze X-One has a 7.5 kWh battery. You have a lot more experience with trikes than I do, So do you know roughly what flight times we could be looking at? I was guessing anywhere from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Also, how much flight time are you getting with that giant ~12 kWh battery?

the trike from fresh breeze uses a relatively small wing that needs a lot of energy. the propeller is also more small than too big. it consumes around 8.5 kilowatts in the level. this results in a maximum flight time of around 45 minutes. as it is flown now. my trike needs around 6.5 kilowatts in the level with the ozone kona and 160 cm propeller e-props. I usually don’t fly with all batteries. I usually fly for 1 hour. that’s enough for me for the evening or tomorrow. during the day I prefer to fly with a foot start and pod harness. but in a few days i will try the maximum with the trike and all the batteries. my wing of the nova bion will be back from the check in a few days. I will fly with it because I am only in the legal range with a total weight of 225 kg. i think 90 minutes flighttime is no problem. I will make a video about it. today i built the complete telemetry into the trike.

It is important to note when I speak of flight time. we have to keep a minimum height when flying. that means at the beginning we need approx. 2.5 times as much energy to reach the altitude, which significantly reduces the flight time at level. It must also be taken into account that we leave at least 15% capacity in the battery. if you fly very low and go as far as possible, more flight time is of course possible. Most advertising brochures always give the theoretical values not the practical values. i prefer to speak of practice because it is honest.


Dang, 7.5kWh battery and only 45 minutes peak flight time. I am sure most people here also won’t appreciate the price tag either. I don’t know what VTC6 cells are going for wholesale, but to buy them from a reliable source at high volume typically costs about $6.50 USD. So its looking like producing the fresh breeze battery pack will be about 3x what it costs to produce an Open PPG battery pack. Also the power system isn’t cheap either being made by Hacker. For these reasons I wouldn’t be supprised if the trike itself goes for over $15,000 USD.

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The flight time by fresh breeze is as I wrote with the small wing. whoever flies an epsilon 9 or ozone kona or similar can of course fly longer. please read my reports carefully.
Please understand that I only comment on technical values. I do not share your ideology of money and value because I am a craftsman and appreciate the work and development of other people.

I understand that flight times will be improved with a larger wing, but I feel if I am going to fly a trike like this one, I should be getting longer flight times than 45 minutes even with a small wing, but that is just me.

Like you, I definitely appreciate what Fresh Breeze has created, But like most other people I don´t have a ton of extra money. Elon Musk once stated, ¨If you don´t make electric cars that are better, than its not going to happen.¨ This also applies to E-PPGs and their price tag. This is why many of us really appreciate what OpenPPG has done with the SP140, creating a quality Li-ion powered paramotor that is still at a competitive and compelling price. I do understand that the parts won´t be the same quality the Fresh Breeze, but when was the last time that Rolls-Royce held most of the car market?

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Can you tell us more about these packs? I’m very interested but am not finding much info on SMOTO’s website or on Facebook.

i think that the exact data will be available online in a few weeks. As far as I know, the demand is currently greater than the production. the battery is also used for many other applications. you can say a universal battery. currently only sold to companies.

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it is perfect when there is something perfect for everyone on the market. all price ranges. I agree with you.

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Thank you. I’m looking for a battery that could be used for ePPG and for a small electric outboard motor for a canoe, and this seems like it might be an option.

Do you have the outboard motor, or do you still need one?(how flexible on voltage are you?)

I’m looking at the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus, in part because it supports third-party external batteries (39–60 V).

I use the Maytech motor 100kv with 10 S batteries and 15 S batteries and various propellers for the e-foil and e-kayak. I like it so much because it runs under water, is as good as noiseless and is perfectly cooled.