Freeflyer interested, do I need lessons?

I know lessons are normally a good idea for PPG but since this has no torque concerns are lessons necessary for a semi-experiened freeflyer? I’ve got a P3 with approx 150 flts and 35 hours. I know the wing side of things pretty well just have never had a motor on my back. I just don’t have anyone near me that does lessons and was wondering how important everyone thought it would be to have a little adult supervision if I got one of these.

Thanks. Kirk.

At very least, do a hang check with someone who knows what they’re doing, to make sure your line of thrust is correct. If not, you could be in danger. Of course, everyone will tell you to get at least a little training, and I agree with that sentiment.

The wing is 90% of it so you’re off to a good start, and you should probably be fine, but training or having someone that has experience around is always a good idea.

The hardest thing for transistioning freeflyers to learn is that you need to stay upright on launch, even lean back a little. No torpedo launches and make sure the wing is stable and centered overheard before you punch it and easy into the power.

Watch a few videos of good pilots on YouTube to get the angle and do some practice kiting while wearing the motor.

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Yeah I watch guys launching PPG and it seems like it would be impossible to feel what the wing is doing overhead without the feel on the fronts of your shoulders in the torpedo posture. I guess I could do some kiting in the upright position to get a feel for it.

It’s less about the wing feel and more important for the proper thrust line. If you are in a torpedo position, the motor is thrusting you downwards, often resulting in a face plant if a new motor pilot leans too far forward and goes full power.

I get why you have to stand up straight it just seems like it would be very difficult to feel what the wing is doing, I guess I’ll just have to play with it and see how it goes.

Or, you can do the smart thing and go to an instructor that is certified to teach both PG and PPG - most will do a 1 day transition lesson. :slight_smile: