Forward Launch Technique w/thumb throttle

I’m interested to hear about the techniques everyone has developed for controlling and releasing the A’s during a forward launch when you are using power.

In nil-wind conditions I often use a little power to help get the wing up over my head, but I don’t want to come off the power in order to release the A’s.

Thanks in advance.

I would not describe it as a technique.
You gotta have a strong forward with your thumbs in the A’s.
You gotta really know that your wing is overhead before unhooking your thumb, to then, try and fumble around looking for the throttle button.
Then, when you find it, you will mash it down and go to full throttle.
With the instant thrust, and your wing still overhead, it will either throw you in the air, or overwhelm your ability to manage that much thrust.
You will then back off the throttle and go to zero thrust.
There is no nice and easy linear feel to the throttle. (It is there, but will take a bit of practice!)
You will provide plenty of amusement to your pilots buddies until you get used to having that much push… In a spring loaded throttle, when you go from Zero to Wide Open in 3/8 of an inch!!!
This is the original push button thumb activated throttle.
I think they may have provided a more sensible set-up on the Post 3 V-4s

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With the power “button” / throttle under your thumb I don’t see a safe way to also have the As in that same thumb. I’ve seen a forward launch method for nil wind that uses a touch of prop wash to help pick up the wing. This doesn’t seem doable at all with a thumb plunger for power control. Pulling the As with any other didget seems like a good way to break it.

As to the sensitivity of the plunger I have a batch 4 and while I don’t find it impossibly touchy it is way more “instant on” than opening the throttle on a Blackhawk 125 (the only other paramotor I’ve flown). In light wind make sure you’re running and the wing is good before you pin it. In flight I’ve gotten used to checking the surge when power is dropped and making sure I’m hands up when I punch it.

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I hook the As with my index fingers instead of my thumb. That frees up my thumb to be on the throttle as soon as the wing is ready. I add some power as soon as the wing is getting out of the power band. It is pretty awkward at first, but I have gotten pretty decent with it. OpenPPG Electric Paramotor Demo - YouTube