Forum/Community Site design


As a part of the OpenPPG core team I’d like to open up this sites design to members of our growing community.

Below you’ll find the repository which contains all of the styling and theme options.

This repository is tied directly into the configuration of the the discourse server running the forum which means it is super easy to make changes and improvements to the look and feel of the site.

The goal is to create a clean and welcoming design. While it may be filled with technical discussions it is also important to balance “scannability” as we grow.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback and see what comes next.



Does that button not work right on your phone or are you not able to see a link?

Glitches and bugs may crop up and when they do please:

  1. Search through the open issues in Github (
  2. If it hasnt been reported before create a new issue with a detailed report including:
    • Browser and Version
    • Operating System and Screen Size
    • Screenshots and other info on how it happened

This will help us to more easily find and squash any bugs


The fact that clicking the navigational buttons on the top of the screen (Store/Community/Contact) opens a new tab is incredibly annoying. If I wanted two tabs open I could simply open it in a new tab, but it really doesn’t make sense to have it automatically open a separate tab. The “Community Forum” button on the homepage takes one straight to the community site without opening a new tab. Because of this inconsistency, I don’t think that this was intentional.


Thanks for the feedback, i could see how that could be annoying. Thanks for letting us know