For Sale V4 (New, Still in Box)

Brand new V4. Pre-built. Apco Split Leg harness. Never flown, still in box. I’ve decided to go a different direction. Cost me $4300. I’m firm at $4000 p/shipping.

Does this price include batteries and harness? Where are you located? Pics please

why do people nowadays just don’t read anymore?

it’s all in the text!

Apco Split Leg harness is included, as per his ad.
It’s prebuilt and still in the box - so what do you want to see pictures of? a box? if you want to see what the unit looks like, just browse around.

He doesn’t mention batteries, and if I look at the price, I can tell you that they are not included.

You’re welcome!


The unit is a new “factory built” V4. The price includes the Apco Split Leg Harness (M), which saves over 3 pounds of weight over the Dudek. I am located in Southern Utah near Las Vegas. This package does not include batteries.

Thanks for the reply , so sorry I missed the ad said harness? Must have read right over it . I have no idea what a prebuilt looks like so that’s why I asked for pics. Sorry to have been a bother.

No bother at all. I’m happy to fill in the missing parts of my listing. Version 4 is the latest version and was offered as a DIY kit or factory built. The upcoming Version 5 has no changes from Version 4, but It is only available as a DIY version. You can purchase my unit knowing that all facets of the build are done according to the designer as he also did the assembly.

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have a look here: - see the youtube videos on the bottom.
How did you get here, if you have missed what the unit looks like? :slight_smile:

Is this unit still available?

Yes, still available.

Tombo, is it still available now?

If this unit is still available how would you handle the transaction ?

Has it been sold ?

Yes, the unit has been sold.