For Sale OpenPPG X4 USA

Hello. I have acquired a Electric Open Ppg X4 Paramotor via estate sale. I am in the USA. It appears to have never been used.

I know there are 4 versions of this model. I am unsure of which version this is but I believe it is in the X4 series. It does have the MAD Components OpenPPG M10 180kv motor set on it.

It appears to have all the original electronics installed in between the carbon fiber frame, but I am not 100% sure as I am not an expert with these. If you would like to send me an offer or for photos you can email me at Thanks!

Note: Does not come with Batteries, Circular Tubing (for safety net), safety net itself, harness seat, or parachute piece

Please upload photos here, thanks

It says new users can only post one photo per post. But here is one:

I guess it allows you to post more as long as it’s a new post:

This item has officially sold. Thank you.

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