For sale: OpenPPG batch 6

Very slightly used and mostly assembled OpenPPG batch 6.
Includes new net (if you decide to scrap the old one), 4x bonka 7s batteries (pretty much brand new) with steel ammo boxes for storage, 2x chargers with power supplies.
Needs 2 new “official” props, new main power switch, and some soldering. I will throw in a bag of extra XT150 connectors and 4x non-drone airplane props which work but are not “perfect” according to the gospel.
Does it work? Welllll, yes, it works, but the switch is fused “on” and it only has fully soldered battery leads on one side. So you will have to fix some stuff or accept your own danger factor.
Does not include harness.
Located in Jacksonville, FL. Can meet you halfway for delivery if it’s a reasonable drive.
Asking 4k USD for everything, make me an offer.

Do you have photos of the things that you sell ?
I am from mexico can you send to Mexico?
if not can you send it to Houston Tx?

I don’t know if the batteries will make it across borders but I could ship it to Texas no problem.

sent you a message…

Give me your bottom dollar price please for quick sale today!

Still available ?

Going to give it one more try and see if I can get it to work out for me.

I live in Jupiter,FL so if it should not work out for you please contact me . I would not be opposed to taking a road trip up for the day . Anyway, best of luck and I do appreciate your responding to my inquiry .

I’m about 3 hours and 45 minutes from you. Did you sell it yet?

I have not sold it yet. To make a long story short, I’ve been constantly frustrated by the electrical connections breaking (solder literally melted out of the bullet connectors) and the power switch melting, so it will run for a few minutes and then die because of some random power failure issue. Making a last-ditch attempt this weekend. Got new props on it, new battery wires, etc. we’ll see how it goes. It will get you in the air, it just won’t keep you there.

I use 6 batteries and everything is cool to the touch

Is your unit still available?

Yes, it’s still available. Decided that it’s just not for me. So whoever was interested before, it’s officially for sale again. It has all new heavy battery wiring (no switches, just two pairs of xt150 plugs— the switches will just melt anyways) new props, ready to go.

So… basically brand-new, maybe an hour of air time.
Damaged-but-repaired net. Includes replacement new net if you feel like doing that.
Full set and spare pair of official props. Full set of unofficial props.
4x 7s batteries, 2x chargers with power supplies, ammo boxes for storage.
Used Impulse harness if interested.
Ready to go, just requires more patience than I possess :slight_smile:

Has it finally been sold ?

Still here, has not been sold yet.

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I’ve been trying to find a way to pm on this platform but haven’t figured it out . Pressing icons everywhere but no luck .
Trying to avoid giving personal information on an open platform.
I’d like to come up and see this unit b4 making an offer.
I’m in Jupiter .
How can we proceed ?

Click my name/icon and it should give you the option to send a private message.

Sent you a PM with my phone number.

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