For Sale: Never Flown SP140 (Canada - BC)

Hi everyone!

I am a paraglider based out of Nelson, BC, Canada. I was looking to get into para-motoring but after a year of set-backs and not being able to lock down a certified instructor, it’s time to let go of my acquired gear. It is entirely new, never flown. It is assembled and sitting in my basement.

This is perhaps one of the only complete SP140 setups in Canada and I went all out, opting for all the upgrades.

Sale Includes

  • SP140 Paramotor (Batch 2)
  • Dudek Power Comfort Harness (Large)
  • 140cm Tri-Blade Prop
  • 4kwh Battery
  • 2kwh Battery
  • Dudek Flight Deck & Reserve Holder
  • PPGSmoke Dual Floats


I paid $9,249 USD - $12,589 CAD for the SP140 + Batteries + Tri-Pro + Dudek Harness
I paid $485 CAD for the Reserve holder & dual floats.

I am into this for $13,074 CAD and am offering it for $11,000 CAD // $8,000 USD.

Pickup / Shipping
I would prefer to find a buyer within driving distance, but we can make shipping work if the buyer is motivated.

At what % did you store the batteries?

I’m near Toronto and just bought one out of the USA. I would have been all over this 3 weeks ago and saved myself a bunch on taxes at the border …


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Sent you a PM. Please give me a call.


@Efjay - 65% for storage avoided full charge and obviously avoided empty

I sent you private msgs

@azohra I take it you sold it?

Hi @Efjay - still getting the hang of the way this website works, apologies for not responding to the private message. There were a few folks who messaged before, will make my way though the list today.

Hi Justin @azohra ,
I am out in Calgary, AB.
I am really intersted.
You can text me at 825-437-9041.

Hey @acheema , I replied to your direct message on here and also sent you 2 texts, but didn’t hear back. Let me know!

I am also in contact with the other folks in this thread. My first preference is something in western Canada where we can meet in person, if I can’t find that type of buyer, I will ship it in order its been requested (Adoepner → Efjay)

@acheema - tried to call that # but it won’t connect, please get back to me ASAP

Have you sold it ?
Im in Kamloops and very interested if still available.
call or text 250-319-4117

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