For Sale: as new Version 3.5 $4900USD

I have a V3.5 for sale. Personal reasons I’m afraid and to be honest, I’m a bit gutted.

She has one short flight; fully restrung net (felt the included net was a bit insufficient so a custom net with more coverage and strength replaced the stock one). Also, 3D printed a stronger throttle housing with a bottom (2 bottom fingers) throttle.

Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro battery charger
4x 22,000mha Bonka 6S batteries
1x Zeee LiPo Battery bag (holds 2)
2x Engpow LiPo Battery bags (holds 1)
Battery cables, adapters, etc…
2x steel & webbing runners, etc…
Apco split harness

As this is unexpected and with all that’s gone into her, I’m listing it all for $4900 USD.

I also have a brand new Independence Front Mount Container with Instrument deck & brand new Independence Ultra Cross 150kg Reserve w/ Y harness, etc… I’ll let that go for $1600.

If anyone is interested, PM me and we can chat. If not, no worries, it’s all good.

Cheers, good flying eh.

I understand this is your “I am selling” thread,

but do you care to share what kind of string you used to make your own netting?
I may need a replacement net soon,
and I am thinkink about making my own as well.


I’ll put you in touch with the person who did it. This was a custom job and I was very happy with the results.

His name is Jeremy and can be reached via email:



Is this still available? I would PM you but I cant work out how, so if you could please contact me to have a chat about this that would be great.

Hey there, same question from me: is it still for sale??

Hi. I have a potential buyer at the moment but am unsure as to his seriousness as he is overseas and it’s proving to be complicated. If you don’t mind my asking, are you in the US?

Thanks for the quick reply!
I live in Japan actually, do you think it is possible to send over here?

It’s possible, but the LiPo batteries make it expensive. Just priced it at $1650USD to ship to Australia from California. Just so you know.

Wow, that’s steep! Do you need to use special shipping company for these LiPos??

Affirmative. The LiPos are costly to ship due to their volatility. I don’t know what the cost to ship to Japan would be.

Thanks for the reply! I am going to think on it a little before asking you to go ahead and get quotations for shipping.

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