"foot launching" with electric unicycle?

I know least one person other than I on this community has an electric unicycle and likely more do. Has anyone tried launching a paramotor or paraglider with one of these? I recently talked to a guy that said that he did hike and fly except instead of hiking he would ride the unicycle up and somehow fly it down.

I just thought it was an interesting idea as these electric unicycles have crazy torque and some of them can do over 40mph. My biggest concerns are how would you attach it to yourself and how would landing work?

If your weight loading is in spec it doesnt matter what you fly with.

I am a fairly good EUC rider - I have my doubts one could do it. I think you would have to be exceptional in both as rider and flyer to do it. As the wing comes up there is backwards loading and will halt your forward momentum thus you are now trying to balance side to side and get the wing/wheel to go forward again. I think just to much balancing involve - accident waiting happen.

Now, to use small wheel to hike a fly that would be interesting. Maybe the MCM5 would be suitable.