'Fly fishing' video of man dangling from drone under investigation


Classic Aussie ingenuity.
Hard to believe he actually caught a fish…:fishing_pole_and_fish:

I found the attached text of commentary, presumably from Aussie officials of some sort, outright insulting to the men who designed and built the drone. As if there were insufficient “quality control” merely because the device was home-built. An entire industry arose in the USA from amateur aircraft builders and designers, and their quality control could be said to exceed commercial standards because the builders were fully aware that their own lives were on the line. Neither they nor this Aussie fisherman should ever be accused of seeking their own demise, merely because they chose to rely upon the work of their own hands. The primary risk for this fisherman, that I perceived, was that he might have slipped out of his chair due to a lack of a seatbelt. Thus he would have fallen into the water from a high-dive elevation. Perhaps a sudden failure of the drone could have brought it down on top of him as it dropped him into the water, but that is not a particularly likely failure mode in this case. Nonetheless, I found it disingenuous to suggest that he was endangering anyone, because the area was clearly empty of any others besides the two companions who helped launch the craft and operated its controls. Under other circumstances, I would have recommended that the man in the chair operate the controls. Of course, then he could not concentrate on his fishing.