Flotation w/ side reserve

Which flotation devices are suggested when using the SP140? Does the U shape version interfere with the side pouch reserve deployment? I will be flying over a lake almost every flight.

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I’ve put a lot of thought into this issue with the X4. There is another thread about it and a good video where someone tests various floatations. The 2 bag systems seemed to come out better (PPG Smoke and 2bsure). Personally I went for a cheap Chinese life jacket but only because it’s much lighter in weight and I never fly directly above water so it’s very unlikely to be used. Auto-inflation is important I think. A water landing without flotation would be extremely dangerous: you would sink like a stone. Another issue: I considered it imperative to try to get out of the harness at the earliest opportunity. The Apco split riser harness I have: it’s impossible to release the leg straps in flight because they’re too tight. I plan to have a hook knife for this. With hang check, I worked out the following sequence as soon as water landing is going to happen…. 1. Helmet off. 2. Cut leg straps (now pilot is well supported by goose necks under arms). 3. Unbuckle chest straps. 4 remove boots. 5 land downwind & don’t flare. 6. Just above the water… raise arms and you should slip out. If there’s no time to get out you still have a good chance of survival if you have an auto inflate flotation with enough buoyancy.

Curious why you would land downwind and not flare? I would think landing as slow as possible is best, ie into wind and flare, or jump just before hitting water but I would not think you should land downwind. Also a downwind landing the wing will go in front and you could get tangled, into wind the wing should fall behind you.

google: Jocky Sanderson water landing Security in flight video … he says if you land normally you’ll get tangled in lines and the wing will fill with water more quickly.