Flight Ready Weight


Maybe I missed it somewhere, what is the ready to fly weight with the smallest battery bank? I understand it will change until the final design, just wanted a basis for us older (over 60) pilots to calculate the feasability of flying it.


39LBS, I assume this is with 2 batteries.


Totej has it right for the older version 29lbs but now with the redesigned motors and gooseneck bars and other little things, I just measured it and its 20lbs and with the Apco split leg harness its 24lbs. So its lose a few pounds


Ten kilos! Wow… well done :sunglasses:


Wait what, Is it 24lbs with 2 batteries or without?


@paul_oz @Totej Sorry that was confusing its now 24lbs vs before it was 29lbs.


See original question with states smallest battery pack.


Is the Apco split leg harness the seat or an optional thing?


@Arch_Angel_007 the Apco Split Leg Harness is basically the connection between the paramotor and your body. It turns it into a backpack when you’re standing or running (while launching) and it is your seat when flying.

The “split leg” harness is supposed to be lighter, but apparently less comfortable for longer flights.

I assume that you’re not a pilot (yet). So my suggestion would be: Go to youtube and watch paramotor videos or paragliding videos, then get training and ultimately your license and start flying.
I suggest to not buy a wing and certainly not a paramotor unless you have had some training. Just my 2 cents.


I agree with this text.

Get training or at least TRY the sport before you buy gear.

When I went to my instructor someone had bought an entire set of gear for ~10000Usd.

Then when we got to the part where we would fly he tries multiple times over 3 days but he couldn’t climb, He was way to afraid to go high and “I don’t like it when it shakes so I wont do this sport”.

This might be you as well so please try it before buying gear.

Also to previous post, you wont be flying for 3-5 hours with an electric paramotor (yet (You probably can within 5-10 years), At this time you will only be in the air for about 1 hour unless you stack a lot of batteries