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Hi everyone,

1st post here.

I am an experienced fixed-wing aircraft pilot looking to transition to e-PPG, located in southern Ontario, Canada. Given my higher licenses, I do not require any formal instruction to legally fly PPG in Canada, however I think it is prudent. I have some PG experience from a decade ago when I lived in British Columbia.

I reached out to several instructors in my area in Canada and encountered two problems:

  1. All are booked up for the summer
  2. All will only teach on either their equipment (that they rent), or require you to buy equipment from them prior to taking a course. None are interested in teaching me on an SP140. I can appreciate where they are coming from as they want to go with what they know and are familiar with.

I am willing to travel to the USA for instruction, and would like to learn on an SP140 specifically. One of the big attractions to me of flying this way is not burning gas.

Are there any instructors around the Great Lakes (NY, MI, IL, VT, NH, PA) who will teach on an SP140?



I would just rent their stuff and learn on gas. You could transition to the SP140 on your own after that. Not much help on what your looking for. Just my 2 cents.

I agree. Most of us learned on gas and then transition to electric. It’s an easy transition, the electric is much less complicated. Besides, then you don’t risk damaging your own motor while learning.


Thanks for the input, guys. Now the larger problem: finding an instructor with a spot for this season!

I highly recommend Eric Dufour of Paratour in Florida. Very experienced, does electric.

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