Flight in Miami (Unedited) -- Running out of power

Beautiful flight in North Miami. I landed just as I was running out of power. Close call! You can see after I landed I press the controller all the way but I’m barely getting any power.

Forgot to turn my GoPro on for takeoff – sorry about that. Turned it on around 3 minutes into the flight. Total flight time was 19 minutes with 4 bonka batteries. All batteries were at 0%. One of the batteries puffed up a little, but I balance charged it and it seems to be ok.

Last flight was also 19 minutes but I still had around 8% remaining. This flight I climbed a lot higher to cross the water so that ate up the battery.


Nice flight! Loved the view.

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Ooof that was a bit sketchy flying over those large sections of trees and water, i’m not even that ballzy. If you looking for a bit more efficiency its good to maintain a steady throttle vs throttling up and down.

Looks like a fun spot though.


Yeah I’m getting used to trying to conserve power. I have to retrain my flying habits.

Those large sections of water and trees was why I was trying to get some altitude. There were a few emergency landing sites along the way.

Yay, Awesome, I am happy for you with your first (or one of the first) flights with the OpenPPG!

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Thanks! I love it!!! My first flight was just flying around that big field so I didn’t post it because it was less interesting


Wow! Great fight! Make sure you don’t get stuck out of juice and having to fight your way upwind back to the LZ. Good job David.

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nice one
who was flying with you – sounded like a Oppg as well

That was @dario7 – he lives 10 minutes away from me

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