First time with batteries

Hey, my SP140 is on it’s way, finally.
Had a foot launch Parajet Polini 190 Light and a trike with a Parajet Polini 200 which i just sold both to upgrade to electric. I am 62, and happy to let go the combustion motors.

It’s my first time with this type of motor. As a dummy user with electricity, i have no interest of knowing all the plus and minus of batteries and types etc…

However, i am really interested of knowing how to store it for the winter, maintain it’s life span as long as possible and how to use with the most security. How and when to replace etc.

So here are my questions:
Will the machine arrive with the latest FW for the throttle?
Will a get a user guide for best practices with battery for security and stuff, recommendations, etc… ?

Can i get some advise concerning the battery

As an experienced pilot from Canada, flying regulations are much more restrictive here than anywhere else in the world. So security is my first concern…right after FUN :slight_smile:

Any advice will be appreciated.
Thanks and Fly Safe!

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For long term battery storage its best to store around 50% charge.

The latest FW will be on the unit, so no updating needed if you don’t want to.

The biggest thing with the battery is just try not to drop it and keep it from high impacts, and if you are not going to fly it for awhile just charge to around half voltage (86v)


Very nice. Thanks a bunch. Look forward to fly my new animal.


I went to the X4 as my first motor and purchased an Amaruk Atom80 last summer. One of the first things I noticed was the go around performance. If your moving from ICE to electric as an aviator you should keep in mind that the go around performance is less than, not better than, take off performance!

Where in Canada are you? Batteries do not like to be cold.

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Hi, i am from Quebec. Thanks for the advice.
Encountered my 1st dummy user problem when trying to charge the batterie. Of course i solved after i found the ON/OFF button on the battery :slight_smile:
I don’t fly in the cold, just not my thing. However, looking forward to flying in FL in this April.

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